We offer a wide range of workshops covering topics relating to employment and planning for the future after school. The workshops enable deaf young people to gain key skills and knowledge to secure meaningful employment whether that is setting up and running a business or applying for a job in a chosen career.

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Access to Work (AtW)

To inform participants about the Access to Work scheme and fully explain the support available for deaf people and their prospective employers.

CV and Cover Letter

The workshop covers practical advice, guidance and the importance of writing a professional CV.

Interview Skills

The aim of the workshop is to fully explain the interview process helping participants feel more prepared and confident. Participants will gain an insight into what to expect and how to act when attending an interview, from making a good first impression through to recognising their strengths and weaknesses and hopefully achieving a positive outcome!

Money Matters (Personal Finance)

Using a specifically designed resource, the workshop will help to develop a sound understanding of the many areas of personal finance, including terminology. Participants will be better able to act responsibly and make informed decisions when managing their own finances.

Planning your Future

Covering the range of options available to the school leaver, whether it be attending higher education, finding employment, becoming self employed or undertaking voluntary work. Current skills and ability will be discussed which will enable the participants to make an informed decision as to whether there is a need to gain further qualifications or experience for their chosen path after leaving school.

Preparing for Work

To prepare participants when embarking on their working career and inform them of the expectations and etiquette associated with being professional in the workplace. Participants will be equipped to conduct themselves appropriately in the workplace, have knowledge of their employment rights and learn what to expect as part of their induction into an organisation. The course will briefly cover the importance of financial management.

View Our Workshop Topics