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A little about our projects - past and present

This Is Me

A national project giving deaf children the opportunity to explore their sense of identity, who they are and to present this in a way that suits them, be it through art, animation, writing, film or music, so they have the chance to say 'This is me!' in a creative and positive way.

Sex Safety First

An England-wide project working with young deaf people from age 10 upwards, providing a series of workshops and online support around Puberty, Peer Relationships, Appropriate Behaviour, Consent and Readiness, Conception and Contraception and Sexually Transmitted Infections. In addition, we are working with parents and teachers to enable them to support deaf children through adolescence. We also provide specialist deaf–awareness training for health practitioners working in sexual health clinics, surgeries and hospitals.

Life Control

A London focused project supporting deaf young people in their transition to adulthood and independent living as they take control of their lives and futures. The project is delivering workshops covering the topics of:- Identity – who am I and what do I want from life?; Sexual Health – my body, my health, my choice; Life Online – internet safe and savvy; Healthy Living – Big Mac and Fries each night?; Out and About – streetwise and street safe; Money Matters – budgeting for life.

What's Happening to Me?

A nationwide training programme which had a particular focus in Scotland during 2016. We delivered workshops to schools, clubs and relevant organisations working with deaf young people promoting sexual health and wellbeing training covering:- Puberty, Peer Relationships, Sexual Behaviour, Safe Sex and Sexually Transmitted Infections. 

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