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Our Workshops

We offer a wide range of workshops covering topics relating to employment and planning for the future after school. The workshops enable deaf young people to gain key skills and knowledge to secure meaningful employment whether that is setting up and running a business or applying for a job in a chosen career. 

Our current research shows that 65% of deaf people have received inaccessible sex education because of the inability for schools and service providers to cater for their cultural and linguistic needs and providing tailored made resources and information. 

These shocking statistics meant that we needed to take action to support understanding and awareness in sex education.

We have done this by producing a highly visual deaf-friendly package, which can also be used by those with English as a second language or with learning disabilities. Our sexual health package is the ideal resource for teachers and students to teach and learn about the topics of SafeSex and STIs. 


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All our workshops can be tailored to suit

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Visual Music bridges the gap between sound and silence, working with deaf and hearing children inclusively through the medium of music, opening up the world of sound and performance to deaf children by encouraging and facilitating self expression. Many deaf children never experience music teaching and this course offers an exciting, interactive and visual approach that will not only help facilitate the ability to make and appreciate music, but also challenge isolation by promoting interaction between deaf and hearing peers. 

These workshops follow the national curriculum for music and currently we are able to offer three modules - ‘Everyday Sounds’,‘Rhythm’ and 'Genres'. 

PSHE education is a statutory part of the National Curriculum. It is designed to equip children and young people with the knowledge and skills to deal with a range of issues as they grow up.

Deafax has developed a selection of deaf-friendly workshops designed to support the teaching of PSHE education covering, personal wellbeing, economic wellbeing and financial capability.



Health Professionals


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