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Training and Consultancy in Universities

Access and Higher Education: Inclusive Online Learning for Deaf Students


Deafax is partnering the University of Reading in a major 2-year research project funded by the Leverhulme Trust into the inequities that exist in access to higher education by Deaf students.

Universities traditionally place much emphasis on text based learning and assessment, access demanding high levels of literacy and the acquisition of technical and abstract vocabulary. Deaf students can therefore encounter multiple systemic barriers to academic success.

Our research sets out to highlight, assess and remove some of the inequities.

To find out more, contact Helen Lansdown -


Our Inclusion, Communication, Educational & Support (ICES) course has been successfully delivered to universities nationwide with the aim of:


  1. Creating an enhanced awareness of isssues relating to inclusion and specifically to deafness in education.

  2. Gaining a basic British Sign Language vocabulary for social early years communication.

  3. Acquiring an understanding of the classroom needs of deaf students.

  4. Developing an understanding and insight into the different educational establishments and their communication strategies.

If you would like further information on this course please contact


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