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Signly: The Sign Language Interpreter in Your Pocket

Our revolutionary new app is delivering smart signed content directly to the user’s device. A deaf person simply opens the app and points it at a Signly logo to play the relevant video.  Sign language interpreters appear via the app, as if the visitor had brought their own interpreter along in their pocket.


Signly was conceived and developed by Deafax and Mark Applin, founder of Intermedia Solutions.

Signly is ideal for any venue looking to be more accessible for deaf users. By using people’s own smart devices, it makes a huge difference without having to install major infrastructure.

Signly is ideal for museums, galleries, theatres, leisure centres, libraries, information centres, bus and rail stations, airports... any organisation looking to meet its obligations under the Equality Act 2010.

Find out more about the progress of Signly

at or contact Helen Lansdown

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