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RSE (Relationship and Sex Education)

“Carrots & Condoms” – Sexual Health Education Teacher Training for teachers/professionals/parents

Emotional Wellbeing – participants will gain an appreciation of the relevance and importance of emotional and social wellbeing (encompassing happiness confidence and a feeling of autonomy and control over their life), protecting against emotional and behavioural problems.


Peer Relationships – covering all aspects of peer relationships and highlighting the important benefits of good social skills and co-operation. 

Puberty – 2 workshops available; Puberty Primary and Puberty Secondary.  The workshops are age appropriate and will cover the physical and emotional changes to the body and mind when going through puberty.

Relationship & Sex Education (RSE) including STIs – this workshop provides information covering all aspects of sexual relationships within an emotional and social context.  It will help  develop a positive attitude to sexual health and enable participants to make healthy, safe and informed choices about their sexual health and relationships.

Consent & ReadinessUnderstanding what ‘consent’ means and the legal implications. Developing knowledge and skills about when and how to say ‘no’, what is inappropriate behaviour and where to go for support and help.

Click on me to download our report on Pregnancy and Accessing healthcaare services.

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Sexual Behaviour -  to raise awareness on what is considered to be pornography and educate young people about the dangers associated with online porn, how it can have a negative impact and lead to unrealistic expectations with relationships.  The workshop will cover viewpoints and stereotypes, highlight how pornography takes place in our society and the influences it can have on us.  It will also explore different associated topics such as self-esteem, body image, boundaries, communication, safe sex, emotions, relationships, gender, sexuality etc.

Inclusion, Communication, Educational & Support (ICES) – aimed at undergraduates at Universities nationwide this course aims to create enhanced awareness and understanding of issues relating to inclusion focusing on deaf education and the classroom needs for deaf students and give an insight to the different educational establishments and their communication strategies in the UK.  Some basic British Sign Language vocabulary will be taught to support Early Years social communication and students at foundation level, key stage 1 & 2.

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