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Sexual Health

Whether you’re a deaf parent, teacher of the deaf, healthcare professional or deaf student we understand that deaf-friendly communication is key to understanding and accessing information.

"It was a fantastic course, and would be great if everyone that worked in sexual health would do it." 

Employee, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

Deafax is always looking at current education and healthcare provisions and seeking to bridge gaps. That is why we spent three years asking young deaf people what they knew about sexual health.


Socks, crisp packets, cling film were all cited as alternatives to condoms! Most of this mis-information was due to barriers in communication. After examining research findings, Deafax found that the essential requirement for sex education for deaf learners is that it must be delivered in a style that matches their needs. 

"Very visual resources that could be used with a range of students."

Teacher of the deaf after Carrots & Condoms training

In response to our findings we have created bespoke training packages and resources such as:-.


  • BSL (British Sign Language) Signs for Sexual Health & Pregnancy Flipbook

  • BSL (British Sign Language) Signs for Sexual Health DVD

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections and Safe Sex CDs – aimed at teachers/trainers this package includes all resources required to deliver a lesson to deaf pupils.  These can be purchased individually or as a complete set.

  • Deafness & Pregnancy Guide – this contains research findings along with recommendations.

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"No Sign of Support" report

If you would like to purchase any of these resources visit our shop here or for further information on these resources please contact

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