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Steps to Employment

Bullying Issues –  to raise awareness about the impact and effects of bullying, how to deal confidently with bullying situations and who to turn to for support.

Cultural Issues (including BME) – to raise awareness and understanding of the different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.  Participants will also explore their own cultural identity and develop greater empathy, confidence and self-esteem.

Deaf Rights & Benefits – the workshop provides guidance and information about a deaf person’s rights as a citizen and their entitlement to benefits.

Drug Awareness (including Alcohol) – to raise awareness and understanding of the effects of drugs and alcohol and the risks associated with misuse.

Health & Hygiene – raising awareness of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve this by eating a healthy diet, undertaking regular exercise and ensuring a good level of personal hygiene.

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Identity Issues (am I deaf?) - to raise awareness and understanding of D/deaf identity and culture and address the emotional and mental wellbeing of young deaf people as they find their place in both society and their community

This is Me (Exploring identity through art) -  working alongside professional artists/musicians, this workshop gives participants the opportunity to express their identity through art, music, sculpture and film.

IT Media & Safety – to raise awareness and understanding about the importance of being safe when using the internet, mobile phones, social networking, etc and educate in how to minimise risks to personal safety and well being.

Climate Change – to introduce basic information on climate change and associated topics e.g. eco-system, global warming and how these issues can affect our environment.  This workshop aims to give participants a greater understanding about our environment, how human behaviour is affecting our natural resources and the impact this has on our environment and what solutions are being put in place to try and protect it.

Keeping Yourself Safe from Danger to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of being safe and educate participants in how to minimise the risks to personal safety when out alone or communicating online.

ICT Apps Awareness  -  Understand the risks when using different mobile apps to communicate and how to keep safe when messaging, using photos, images, videos & films.

Digital Parenting - Supporting parents in how to protect their deaf children online. Parents are helped to become ‘Internet aware’, shown how to set up privacy settings, and about the risks associated with their children communicating online e.g. sexting. The workshop also provides tips on how to discuss risks and issues around safety with their children.

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