We’ve recently started delivering one of the most challenging training programmes for schools in our 30-year history. It’s called ‘Prevent 2B Safe’ and is part of a high-profile national counter-terrorism and security initiative.

Deafax has developed these anti-radicalisation training workshops for deaf pupils. We know that extremists target the vulnerable and those who are ‘different’ and they exploit social media to recruit young people. The grooming techniques used are increasingly sophisticated – empathising with an individual’s sense of isolation, rejection or antipathy with society, encouraging them to cut themselves off from family and friends.

We provide a safe, deaf-friendly environment for discussing this controversial topic and support young deaf people in understanding the issues, to take responsibility for their actions and to recognise that the use of violence to further any cause is criminal, be it animal rights, environmental campaigns, or in this case, terrorism.

It has certainly not been easy developing our ‘Prevent 2B Safe’ training package and it evolves constantly as we too learn from each group of young people. The core of our training is to equip deaf pupils with the awareness, knowledge, skills and resilience to resist violent extremism. We go on to empower them to challenge and to debate; and to gain an understanding of the values we share as a society. Using images, activities and role play the Deafax tutors get them thinking about the process of radicalisation, how it might start, and what you can do to stay safe.

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