It is all over the news and being mentioned by politicians, CEOP and other safe-guarding agencies but what is the prevention agenda and how can we meet it?

One of the key points is that terrorist groups tend to target people who are on the edge, marginalised and vulnerable providing them with the opportunity to become included and powerful. We know that exploring ideas, developing a sense of identity and forming opinions are a normal part of growing up, yet it is critical to remain alert to the risks posed by the online activity of extremist groups. We all want deaf youngsters, indeed all young people, to understand the importance of staying safe online. Grooming techniques are increasingly sophisticated – empathising with individual’s sense of isolation, rejection or antipathy with society, encouraging them to cut themselves off from family and friends.

With all this in mind we want to ensure that we provide a safe, secure, deaf-friendly environment in which young deaf people can feel comfortable to discuss this controversial topic. We want to give them an opportunity to learn about the issues, take responsibility for their actions and to recognise that the use of violence to further any cause be it animal rights, environmental campaigns, student fees or a political point of view is wrong.

The development of our ‘Prevent 2B Safe’ training package is now ready for delivery. The core focus is to ensure that we equip deaf pupils with knowledge, skills and confidence to resist and challenge extremist views enabling them to gain an understanding of the values we share as a society.

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