Four key Commons committees are asking the education secretary to make Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) which covers sex education compulsory in schools.

As a committed member of the Sex Education Forum, Deafax has worked with them in campaigning for statutory status for SRE and investment in training. Currently PSHE education is not part of the statutory national curriculum, which means there is no national programme of study for the subject. Schools are also required to have a policy on sex and relationship education which is made available to parents, and which must include information about parents’ right to withdraw their children from sex education classes. Deafax endorses the spokesman of the Commons Committees in believing that:

“PSHE is a crucial part of preparing young people for life. It can provide them with the knowledge and confidence to make decisions which affect their health, well-being and relationships, now and in the future. It can develop the skills and attributes needed to secure employment and can help protect young people from abuse in many forms.”

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