At the risk of coming across like a hairdresser, we were wondering what your holiday plans are?

Jetting off to sunnier climes, trekking on an exotic family adventure, or just camping or glamping more locally? Whatever you’ve decided, Deafax would like to know how easy or otherwise the holiday experience is for people with different communication needs.

Helping you choose

In these days of online information, do you still use the services of a travel agent and were they able to give you the information you needed in a way which suited you? Perhaps you’re more of a DIY booker, and rely on printed or digital information – how accessible was that?


From check-in and boarding, through the in-flight or equivalent experience, to passport control and customs, there are so many stages where communication is vital. What is the service like now and how could it be improved? Maybe you’ve a brilliant example to share.

When you’re there

Regional signing may be in decline and there’s a lot around at the moment about International Sign Language, but what issues do sign language users and other D/deaf and hard of hearing travellers encounter at home and abroad?

As part of a wider project on improving access to information, advice and services, Deafax is working with academics, visitor attractions and others to gauge where the big gaps in service are.

We’d love to hear from you. Please send us examples of holiday communication, good and bad, to and we’ll report on the findings in a future issue of the blog and elsewhere.

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