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EARS Case Study

Education & Advice on Relationships & Sex for deaf people

Deafax believes that all deaf and hard-of-hearing people should receive adequate sexual health education in schools, alongside a service that is equally accessible at sexual health clinics, and whilst being treated by midwives and doctors. 

On 1st October 2010, the Equality Act stated that it is a legal requirement for all service providers to make provision for the needs of deaf and hard of hearing people. Service providers are legally required to book and provide appropriate professionals and equipment to allow their deaf clients to gain equal access to services and information.


Yet our current research reveals that deaf young people are not leaving school with sufficient knowledge of sexual health.

(Downloadable Document)

Case Studies

Our case studies tell the real life stories from midwives, deaf teenagers, deaf parents and our trainers who work directly with deaf young people, teachers and healthcare professionals 

Each story is unique but highlights a national problem - sex education and sexual health and pregnancy services are not reaching deaf people in a way that allows them to make informed decisions and receive equal treatment. 


Click on the below links to read and watch the BSL videos for each case study.

*All case studies are signed or spoken by a representative. The person who has provided the case study is anonymous*

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