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Case Study - Sock

Whilst delivering an SRE workshop on the topic of condoms, a 14 years old deaf boy asked me a question as he was unsure whether it was true or not.  His question was “can you use a sock?”  He had been told this by his friends in the playground.  Perhaps he had even seen a picture of a ‘condom’ and it looked like putting a sock on and he, therefore, assumed it could be true.  As trainers we would ask a student further questions like ‘would it be comfortable?’, ‘what would it feel like?’, ‘what would be the risks?’. We try to encourage the student to think through the question visually, so that it would become clear that if they did what they asked in the question the results might not be successful.  At the end of this discussion another boy teased this boy asking him what size sock he would use and the group laughed together!

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