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Case Study - Deaf Mother

A deaf parent shared their experience on learning about sexual activity. She stated her parents had not communicated anything related to sex to her and that they just let her get on with her life and experiences without any input.  Her parents were from Africa.  She wanted to make sure her own children were more aware, sexually safe and responsible.  She had explained to them about using condoms, she did not realise there were other options such as an implant, a patch, or the cap.  Also, she was surprised to hear that you can still get infections even if you use a condom. The topic of ‘wet dreams’ was discussed - she had never heard about this and she has four boys.  I asked if she had seen the bed wet?  She replied, ‘the boys always bring the bedding for washing stating it is dirty’.  It had never occurred to her that this could be because of ‘wet dreams’ as she had never heard of them.

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