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Deafax Sexual Health Package

Our current research shows that 65% of deaf people have received inaccessible sex education because of the inability for schools and service providers to cater for their cultural and linguistic needs and providing tailored made resources and information.

These shocking statistics meant that weneeded to take action to support understanding and awareness in sex education.

We have done this by producing a highly visual deaf-friendly package, which can also be used by those with English as a second language or with learning disabilities. Our sexual health package is the ideal resource for teachers and students to teach and learn about the topics of SafeSex and STIs.

here to visit the Deafax online shop where you can download the sexual health package outline, and read more about our other resources and training for deaf people and professionals in healthcare and education.


A midwife A deaf mother-to-be A deaf teenager
A young adult A young woman
"We had one deaflady who was in labour; she was very distressed and had no interpreter. Normally, I would talk to her and soothe her, but she couldnít understand me so we decided to give her anepidural."
"I never went to antenatal classes, because I wouldnít be able to follow what was going on there. No one used sign language and I couldnít read about having a baby, the leaflets were complicated and I didnít understand them."
"I didnít know anything about sex, contraception or relationships when I left school. There was never anyone to ask who could explain properly to me in sign language."
"I had been raped & had to go for a forensic examination. They didnít provide communication support at my request and I had to endure 4 hours of lip-reading. I couldnít understand everything fully and missed a lot of information. I felt that I was unable to express how I felt about what I had experienced because I was too busy worrying about understanding the communication."
"I could not name my own body parts when being interviewed by a policeman after I had been raped."