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1980s History 1985

  • The Deafax Trust is born. It starts as a registered UK charity, no: 326799.
  • The National Network of Deaf Students is created, to promote Deaf students in the UK.


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1980s History 1985
  • Accommodation - New office at Goldsmiths College, University of London
  • Award - Deafax is Charity of the Year of the University Women's Group.
  • Award - Lloyds TSB Foundation supports Deafax with staff core funding
  • Event - Deafax launches new deaf-friendly training resources at the Law Society
  • Partnership - Continued work with BATOD to support Teachers of the Deaf
  • Partnership - Deafax participated in the University of Reading Enterprise Experience Scheme
  • Training - Deafax West Midlands project is huge success with 167 deaf people receiving support, and 34 organisations getting involved
  • Training - Personal development training for deaf BME young people - sponsored by BBC Children in Need
  • Training - project linking schools across England, encouraging students to be involved in their own learning plan - sponsored by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
  • Research - A return look at the effect of ICT on education, sponsored by Leverhulme Trust
  • Event - Helen Lansdown appointed Deafax's new CEO
  • Event - 21st Anniversary celebrations at the House of Lords hosted by Lord Morris of Manchester
  • Event - Deafax meets Vladimir Askkenazy - Vice President of Deafax, at rehearsals with the Philharmonia Orchestra in London.
  • Publication - "Transforming Lives through ICT" results from the joint Deafax and BATOD project DCCAP.
  • Research - 2 new projects focusing on black, asian and ethnic minority deaf children and young people in London  -sponsored by Bridge House Trust and City Parochial Foundation.
  • Research - "Videonet" pilot project looking at webcams and internet video conferencing -sponsored by the Clare Milne Trust
  • Research - Money Matters - understanding finance sponsored by Abbey Charitable Trust
  • Training - 4th youth project started focusing on personal development - sponsored by Camelot Foundation
  • Launch - "Mark the Milestone"- launch of the deaf-friendly curriculum in Chennai, India - sponsored by the International Community Fund
  • Partnership - Involvement in the filming of the DfES ICT Glossary
  • Partnership - Collaborated with Citizens online - sponsored by Microsoft
  • Research - Development of 6 learning resources for teachers and students sponsored by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
  • Research - Evaluation of 3G mobile video - sponsored by 3G
  • Research - Virtual Classroom, using long distance learning - sponsored by Sobell Foundation
  • Seminar - International Perspectives on ICT and deafness, incl. Professor Des Power, Griffiths University, Australia and Adam Oliver, BT
  • Training - 3 projects looking at key personal development areas such as identity, sexual health and interview skills for deaf children and young people -sponsored by Vodafone UK Foundation, NVYO and DfES
  • Training - Basic ICT & Literacy Training for deaf adults in the West Midlands sponsored by the Community Fund.
  • Training - ECDL (European Computer Driving License) Deaf friendly training begins in conjunction with the British Computer Society
  • Achievement - Deafax launches 'deaf-friendly' ECDL exams supported by the British Computer Society
  • Event  - 2 new Vice-presidents appointed. Professor Gordon Marshall and Graham Wallace
  • Event - Deafax is launched as a charitable company at the House of Commons by Dr Vinton Cerf.
  • Event - Ken Carter steps down from role as CEO to head Deafax's new ICT Research and Development Unit
  • Research  - Phase 3 - ICT, Achievement and Education of Deaf children, training completed - funded by DfES
  • Training  - delivery of training courses to deaf adults across the Midlands, Cambridge and Manchester - funded by LSC
  • Event  - Deafax becomes a company limited by guarantee, registered number 4586634, Registered Charity number 1095398
  • Event - Dr Vinton Cerf - inventor of the Internet, becomes Deafax Honorary President
  • Event - 8 new Vice-presidents appointed. Vladimir Ashkenazy, Malcolm Bruce MP, Evelyn Glennie OBE, Peter Johnson, Julia Kaufman OBE, Lady Winifred Tumin OBE, Eileen Uttley and Lucy Woods
  • Partnership - Deafax and BATOD (British Association of Teachers of the Deaf) run the Deaf Children's Communications Aid Project (DCCAP).
  • Research  - Phase 2 - ICT, Achievement and Education of Deaf children, module development completed - funded by DfES
  • Achievement - Secured 11th consecutive year of funding from BBC Children in Need
  • Award - Exemplary Quality Assurance for Teacher training courses from Teacher Training Agency
  • Event - National Conference on ICT and Literacy, hosted by DeafChild India - sponsored by Community fund
  • Research  - Phase 1 - ICT, Achievement and Education of Deaf children, evaluation completed - funded by DfES
  • Training  - delivered to project in Gambia, funded by Comic Relief
  • Training - ICT mentoring course results in 23 successful candidates
  • Event - Millennium Conference - looking at ICT and literacy - sponsored by DfEE
  • Launch  - DeafChild International Website
  • Launch - DeafChild India starts in Chennai, India - sponsored by Community Fund
  • Partnerships - Mentoring courses run jointly with Friends for the Young Deaf (FYD)
  • Training - delivered to schools in Australia, Barbados and the Irish and Czech Republics
  • Training - ICT training for Teachers of the Deaf sponsored by the DfEE
  • DeafChild International works in Deaf schools in Australian and New Zealand
  • Summer University run in partnership with Thames Valley University
  • TITLED awarded more funding by The Community Fund
  • NNDS - National Network of Deaf Students, sponsored by Marks and Spencer
  • Mentoring training for young deaf people enabling them to pass on their experiences
  • DeafChild UK started
  • DeafChild International wins Childnet International award from Cable and Wireless
  • Deaf Tutor Training in Sign Skills funded by Marks and Spencer
  • TITLED - Towards IT Literacy and Employment for Deaf people funded by the European Social Fund
  • Telecommunications and Literacy for Unemployed Deaf Adults launched funded by National Lottery
  • Predictive software for FE Students funded by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
  • Telecommunications and Literacy for Children launched funded by BBC Children in Need
  • Assets Communication established to improve services for children and adults with learning disabilities.
  • Signed Speech in Education launched, funded by Carlton TV and Allen Lane Foundation
  • National Deaf Literacy launched, funded by Wates Foundation
  • Assets Disability supported by Berkshire Local Education Authority
  • National Telecommunications for Deaf Children launched, funded by BBC Children in Need
  • Research Fellowship awarded to Ken Carter by Thames Valley South
  • "Telephones for Deaf Children" continues, funded by BBC Children in Need
  • "Telephones for Deaf Children" launched, funded by British Telecom
  • 2nd "Deaf Students Can" Conference, funded by the European Union
  • Technology and Deafness Conference, University of Reading, UK
  • Deafax Deaf Trustee becomes President of the Student Union at Bulmershe College, Reading, UK
  • Development of Deafax, funded by Moorgate Trust, now the John Ellerman Trust
  • Chancellor or the University of Reading, Lord Sherfield, launches the Deafax appeal
  • 1st "Deaf Students Can" Conference
  • European Bureau of Deaf Students created, now part of SKILL - National Bureau for Students with Disabilities.
  • The Deafax Trust is born. It starts as a registered UK charity, no: 326799.
  • The National Network of Deaf Students is created, to promote Deaf students in the UK.